Expanding Horizons Of Endoscopic Spine Surgery By Arthrospineduo UBE Technique

The field of orthopedics in around Tricity has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, particularly in the realm of spinal surgery. Among the innovative approaches that have gained prominence is endoscopic spine surgery in Tricity. This technique offers several advantages over traditional open surgeries, including smaller incisions, reduced tissue damage, and faster recovery times.

One groundbreaking development in the field is the Arthrospineduo UBE (Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy) technique, which is taking endoscopic spine surgery to new heights. In this article, we will explore the Arthrospineduo UBE technique and its potential to revolutionize the way we treat spinal disorders, which has been pioneered by Dr. Mohinder Kaushal and Dr. Mukul Kaushal at Trinity Hospital, Zirakpur.

Know Your Instruments and Equipment

The success of any surgical procedure largely depends on the surgeon’s familiarity with the instruments and equipment used. The Arthrospineduo UBE technique demands precision and proficiency, making it essential for the surgical team to be well-versed in the use of endoscopic instruments. The procedure involves the use of specialized endoscopes, cameras, and retractors, allowing the surgeon to access and treat the affected area of the spine with utmost precision.

Docking and Dilation Technique

One of the key aspects of the Arthrospineduo UBE technique is the docking and dilation method. This technique involves the careful placement of endoscopic equipment at the surgical site. It begins with the creation of a small incision, through which the endoscope is inserted. The surgeon then uses a series of dilators to gently widen the path to the spine, creating a workspace for the endoscope and surgical tools. This minimally invasive approach significantly reduces the trauma to the surrounding tissues and allows for a quicker recovery.

Step-By-Step Approaches

The Arthrospineduo UBE technique encompasses various procedures tailored to specific spinal conditions. Let’s take a look at some of these step-by-step approaches:

➤ Arthrospine UBE Discectomy: This procedure is commonly used to treat herniated discs. The surgeon removes the damaged disc material through small incisions, relieving pressure on the spinal nerves.

➤ UBE-Fusion: UBE-Fusion is a minimally invasive technique used to stabilize the spine by fusing two or more vertebrae together. It is a valuable option for patients with spinal instability or degenerative disc disease.

➤ Over-The-Top Decompression: This method is employed to alleviate symptoms caused by spinal stenosis. The surgeon removes overgrown bone or tissue that narrows the spinal canal, relieving pressure on the spinal cord.

The Arthrospineduo UBE technique has demonstrated its effectiveness in addressing a range of spinal conditions, allowing patients to regain their quality of life with minimal post-operative discomfort.

Meet The Pioneers: Dr. Mohinder Kaushal and Dr. Mukul Kaushal

Two eminent medical professionals at the forefront of the Arthrospineduo UBE technique are Dr. Mohinder Kaushal and Dr. Mukul Kaushal, who practises at Trinity Hospital in Zirakpur, Mohali, Punjab. As the best endoscopic spine surgeons in Tricity, they offer hope to those suffering from various spinal conditions, promising faster recovery and improved outcomes.

➤  Dr. Mohinder Kaushal is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandigarh, Endoscopic Spine Surgeon in Tricity, Knee, and Sports Injury Specialist. With his impressive qualifications including MBBS, DNB (Ortho), and MNAMS, Dr. Mohinder Kaushal brings a wealth of expertise to the field of spinal surgery. His dedication to patient care and commitment to staying at the cutting edge of medical advancements make him a trusted name in the medical community.

➤  Dr. Mukul Kaushal, with his MBBS, MS Ortho (PGI Chd.), DNB, and a host of international fellowships, specializes in Orthopedics, Spine, Knee, Shoulder, and Sports Injuries. His global exposure and training in countries like the UK, Australia, and South Korea have equipped him with a unique perspective and expertise in minimally invasive spinal surgery.

In conclusion, the Arthrospineduo UBE technique is set to revolutionize the field of endoscopic spine surgery. With skilled practitioners like Dr. Mohinder Kaushal and Dr. Mukul Kaushal leading the way, patients can rest assured that they are in capable hands. This cutting-edge approach offers hope to those suffering from various spinal conditions, or spine endoscopy in Chandigarh,  promising faster recovery and improved outcomes. The future of spinal surgery is indeed looking brighter with these innovative techniques and dedicated specialists leading the way.

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