Groundbreaking Fibroid Surgery Performed at Baweja Multispeciality Hospital in Ropar, Punjab

In a rare and complex surgery, a team of doctors at Baweja Multispeciality Hospital in Ropar, Punjab successfully removed a massive 4 kg mass from a woman’s abdomen on 10th March. The patient had been experiencing extreme abdominal discomfort and heavy menstrual bleeding, which led to the discovery of multiple fibroids that had grown to the size of a 6-month pregnancy, extending above the umbilicus.

The lead surgeon, Dr. Namrata Baweja, M.B.B.S., DNB (Obs. & Gynae), and Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery (AIIMS Delhi), along with her team of highly experienced specialists, conducted the surgery with utmost precision and care, ensuring the patient’s safe recovery.

According to the doctors, this surgery was a first of its kind, given the size and location of the mass, and the complex nature of the procedure. Dr. Namrata Baweja, who has extensive experience in Female Reproductive & Infertility treatment, and had previously worked as a specialist at Peterborough City Hospital in the UK, led the surgery with her team.

The Baweja Multispeciality Hospital, located at 1571/39, opposite Civil Hospital, Preet Colony, Rupnagar, Punjab 140001, has been providing exceptional healthcare services to the local community for several years. The hospital specializes in a wide range of services, including normal and painless normal delivery, PCOS/PCOD/Infertility treatment, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Cesarean Section, and Laparoscopic Surgeries. Patients can contact the hospital by phone at +91-8146622802 for more information.

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