Malhotra Hospital & Orthopaedic Centre is Now NABH Certified

In a groundbreaking development for healthcare in Panchkula, Malhotra Hospital & Orthopaedic Centre proudly announces its accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). This prestigious certification underscores the hospital’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety. Specializing in a range of healthcare services, Malhotra Hospital is now a trusted hub for Orthopedics and joint replacement, Laparoscopic surgery, General surgery in Panchkula, Urology, and Plastic surgery.

NABH Certification:

The NABH certification serves as a testament to Malhotra Hospital‘s dedication to providing quality healthcare services. This recognition is bestowed only upon healthcare facilities that meet stringent standards in patient care, safety, and management. With this accreditation, Malhotra Hospital has not only demonstrated its commitment to excellence but has also set a benchmark for healthcare providers in the region.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services:

Malhotra Hospital, recognized for its excellence in Orthopedics and Joint Replacement, offers a comprehensive array of specialised services for various musculoskeletal conditions. Patients seeking Orthopaedics treatment in Panchkula can rely on the expertise of the hospital’s renowned orthopaedic professionals. From advanced Total Knee and Hip Replacement procedures to specialised interventions like Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries management, Malhotra Hospital ensures personalised and effective care. The orthopaedic services extend to addressing paediatric and adult trauma, bone tumour surgery, deformity correction, spine surgery, and conditions such as backache, cervical spondylosis, and joint pain. Additionally, the hospital provides innovative treatments like PRP injections through its Pain Clinic, emphasising a holistic approach to orthopaedic care.

The hospital’s proficiency in Laparoscopic Surgery sets it apart in the realm of minimally invasive procedures. Laparoscopic surgery in Panchkula is now synonymous with quicker recovery times, minimal scarring, and the assurance of a faster return to normalcy, thanks to Malhotra Hospital’s expertise.

This post underscores the immense benefits of laparoscopic surgery, such as minimized scarring, faster recovery, reduced pain, and enhanced precision. With experts like Dr. Sunil Malhotra leading the way, the future of minimally invasive surgery looks brighter than ever. For further information on Dr. Sunil Malhotra and the Malhotra Hospital & Orthopedic Centre, you can contact at 0172-2596286

The General Surgery department at Malhotra Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced surgeons, ensuring comprehensive care for a wide range of surgical needs in Panchkula. Patients can rely on the hospital’s commitment to excellence for routine and complex surgeries alike.

Malhotra Hospital’s Urology department stands out for its advanced diagnostics and treatments. Catering to urinary tract issues, kidney disorders, and more, Urology in Panchkula is synonymous with expert care delivered by a skilled team of urologists at Malhotra Hospital.

Recognizing the importance of both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Malhotra Hospital’s Plastic Surgery department provides a range of services. Patients seeking Plastic surgery in Panchkula can benefit from the hospital’s commitment to delivering personalized and compassionate care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Cashless Facility for TPA/Insurance:

Understanding the financial concerns that often accompany healthcare, Malhotra Hospital extends a cashless facility for all Third Party Administrators (TPA) and insurance holders. This initiative ensures that patients can focus on their recovery without the added stress of financial burdens, enhancing the accessibility of quality healthcare in Panchkula.


Malhotra Hospital & Orthopaedic Centre‘s achievement of NABH certification and its comprehensive healthcare services, coupled with a cashless facility, make it a beacon of quality healthcare in Panchkula. Patients seeking orthopedic, laparoscopic, general surgical, urological, or plastic surgery services can trust Malhotra Hospital for compassionate, reliable, and accredited medical care. 

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